Sunday, January 4, 2009


Thank you to all my faithful readers this blog. I am here to announce that i am moving to a new site and will no longer be blogging here anymore. Therefore, please go to to follow up more on my blog. THANKS ALOT

Saturday, November 8, 2008

my venture into the doctrine of Holy Spirit

Firstly, just to tell you that this post is super short and contains not much details and stuff:) But its just something really interesting that springs out from my heart. Lately, I've been listening to Paige Peterson's messages on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. I suggest everyone who reads this post here to venture into it carefully and truthfully. It is one of the most wonderful things one can seek but also one of the most dangerous thing if it is misled. But it has been great. it is like knowing the One that is with you all these while even more. My suggestion is that you would find and seek it out too:) That's all!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hold on even when it's tough!

Issac was the son of Abraham and God promised Issac just as He promised Abraham his descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky and all the nations will be blessed through him. And God's promise was fulfilled when Jesus came down and died for our sins. Since Issac and Abraham was the ancestor of Jesus, so their descedants include all those who would trust in Jesus. It was a wonderful blessing that God gave to them!

Abraham had the promise of God and Issac inherited the promise because he was the son of Abraham and Sarah and he had his birthright.
Just like this:

After Abraham died, Issac was married to Rebekah, and they had two sons, the elder one called Esau and the younger one called Jacob. According to the customs and traditions(not from the mouth of God), Esau being the eldest has the birthright, and he is suppose to "inherit" the promise of God when Issac dies. So the chart will be like this:


However, Esay did not inherit the promise. Why? Lets focus on Esau and Jacob's life from here on..

Esau was the eldest son of Issac, He is a cunning hunter and a man of the field. In the original Hebrew text, Esau is known as a wild and undisciplined man,and Jacob is a plain man who dwells in tents, known as a quiet and mature individual who is sensible, diligent, dutiful and peaceful. But Issac favored Esau.

So one day, when Jacob cooked some stew, Esau came back from the field and he was starving and faint. So Esau asked Jacob to feed him. And Jacob asked Esau to sell him his birthright if he wants food. Because of that, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob and he later on became the one who rightfully inherited that wonderful promise, thus changing the arrow chart like this:


Esau forsaken that wonderful promise because of FOOD! Esau gave up his birthright! And later on he'll be the father of the Edomites instead of the Israelites(the people of God). How sad is that?!

That's history but it still is the same. The natural heart who doesn't have God, like Esau, couldn't not see the value on the things of God, the promises and things of God are vague, powerless, valueless. But the heart that longs for God, like Issac, will be able to see the valueble worth of following God and cherishing His things and will fight for it.
Therefore, hold on to God even when it is tough! Don't be like Esau who has forsaken that wonderful promise because of his immediate "needs". But rather look towards God and depend and trust and hold on to His promises, just like Issac.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Value of the World.

Today I'm going to introduce you to my very very good friend and brother in Christ. meet ROBERT:

Just look at his smile you know he's one funny and nice guy. hahaha

However, we won't be focusing on Robert this time, but rather on what he told me.

While we were talking, he told me that he was very nervous about the training that he is going to have on Friday because he needs to explain to 10 people about the programs and stuff, and he is scared because he knows that these people will ask a lot of questions. So I joke with him saying won't Pastor Kenneth be more nervous since he has 10x more people to talk to than him. When Robert replied, it really touched my heart and make me realize the a truth the World is having. He said:
in church no one asked so many questions when the Pastor preaches, but in the office, everybody is concern about their money so they asked a lot.
People get really concerned when it comes to things that are dear to them. The statement above shows people that are really concern about money. When people are concerned about their studies, they read and read and ask and ask alot alot of questions, they work hard to get good results. When people are really concern about their children they want them to report to them what happened and what they did. When people are concerned about somethings, they just can't help themselves but to care for it much more.

and the problem starts here..

How bout our church? Do you see many people discussing about the sermon and ask questions? Do you see them as concern about it? Do you see them as fire up as they would if it is about their money, children and so on?

Many people in the world value materialistic things in the world more than God. They treat as if money, friendship, pleasures are more important than God. Maybe sometimes it is just we don't realize about it.

But I believe it is time to do something about it.

Let our actions show our passions.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Give thanks to the BIG family

Sorry for being away for such a long time. I was really busy with mission teams coming over and the week of conference.

It has been great spending time with the Summit Mission team. And it was my pleasure to be able to know Clayton King personally. It was a whole week of surprises and awesomeness. I knew that God forgives and His grace is enough for me. But I never knew that it was that sufficient and wonderful. Knowing that I once was a screw up, He still heard my prayers for the conneXion conference and Passion Conference.

I just want to take my time here to thank God for all He had done. For the amount of people that came, for the hearts that was convicted, for Passion impacting Malaysia, For the Summit to come, For me to know Clayton and his wife.

Clayton with his wife(really wonderful couple that God ordained and wonderful people with great testimonies) and Me

Jason Gaston(Team leader who really cares for his "sheeps" and also a nice guy)

Timothy Lee(always on the phone:P) thank him for leading the youth group organsing so many stuff, also known as the omnipresent guy on facebook and famously acknowledge tim lee by Louie Giglio)

Summit Team and us. (at batu caves, really just a bunch of really nice people)

Clayton's team(together along with two awesome yet humble guys - Brent and Justin) & Summit Team & Cheras Baptist People and Stepping Stone's lovely kids.

Me and Graham Hill(really nice guy with compassion for the lost) with a wonderful lady named Sarasamba(Please Pray for her as her son left her alone and never return, she gave all her 18000$ savings to her son for his marriage but he ran away after that, she could no longer work as she has physical difficulties, for those who live in Malacca please do visit her and help her out. Pray for her that she'll learn to stay strong and learn to trust the Lord) - stairs on the way up to A Famosa Fort.)

Trevor with the green shirt(Sound Effect PRo and a nice guy too) and Pastor Kenneth Lee a wonderful pastor and preacher at Cheras Baptist Church, Auntie Pooi Keng(Pastor Kenneth's wife and a wonderful caring lady that loves the Lord), and Phoebe Lee(youngest daughter of Pastor's family, quiet yet talkative with her own group of friends, wonderful sister in Christ and one of the most faithful reader and user of the one year bible reading plan I've known so far:P)

Uncle Rodney(Center - The Indescribable Uncle who knows everybody:p ) with the girls.

Walker with snake. great walker and talker too:P

Brent(Another nice and wonderful brother in Christ)

Alex(bagus/baik too)

Many more Pictures and Many more nice people. Please remember to pray for them. Summit team from Summit Church, Durham North Carolina. The list of people are:

Jason, Trevor, Walker, Graham, Brent, Alex, Kara, Lindsey, Krystn, Sharon, Emily, Melissa, Melissa(amanda's mum), Laura, Amanda.

Also for these people:

Clayton King, Sharie, Brent, Justin(from Crossroads), Jordon(A Land), and Ryan Vaden.

Thank God for all these wonderful people.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bids me come and die, and find that I May Truly Live.

O the wonderful Cross, Oh the wonderful Cross,

Bids me come and die, And find that I may truly live.

The line above is taken from the chorus of the song "O The Wonderful Cross". I've known and sang this song for quite some time, ever since I come to church, but I've never really understand it until these recent few months.

A couple of months back, God allowed something that I don't wish it to happen, happened to me.  During that moment of time, my heart was really really torn down and tears flow like streams of river down my cheek. However looking back from now, I'm glad it happened.

When I was heartbroken, and knowing that there's nothing I can do, I loosen up my grip on everything in life and gave God total authority in my life, knowing that God is sovereign, and believing in His promises and love. There's this joy in my heart.

so, what about it?

When it was few months back, I find myself helpless and I just had enough of it that it's breaking me in two, it's then that I really really gave my broken heart to Jesus, truly let go of everything, even my life, to Jesus, it's then that I find the meaning to life, joy and peace in my heart, I find life, life that flows from God.

Phillipians 1:21, Paul says that "for me, to live is Christ, to die is gain." When living becomes a life that is lived for Christ, and when you value Christ more than everything including your own life, that you're willing to sacrifice even your own life for Him, It's then you find that you may truly live.

It may sound strange, but note that it's true. A mystery.

Knowing that Jesus had compassion on me, gave me grace and mercy, died the cruel death that I should had on the cross for me, loving me and wants me to see His glory and delight in Him and me knowing that I'm a wretch that don't deserve these at all, makes my heart so thankful of that and I just want to love God fully and give Him everything that I can, acknowledging that He's my God, King and Lord, Savior and Redeemer, The Treasure of my life.

As I told you before in the previous post, The World is like the broken cistern, and God is the Fount of Living Water, It's when you turn to Him that you may find your thirst quenched. The World is dead, and life flows from God,

It's when you are so captured by the Cross and you truly gave everything to God that you may find that you may truly live.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Broken Cisterns That Can Hold No Water

Many people thinks that the way to be happy and satisfied in life is to posses a certain amount of something that they want and long for. Possessing things that they think it can satisfy them the most. For some it's money, for some is sexual pleasure, for some is positions, recognition, popularity, family, and so on. But do they really satisfy us?

  • Wealth

look at what King David says about wealth,

Eccl 5:10 Whoever loves money never has money enough;
       whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income.
       This too is meaningless.

Many people thought that if they have all the riches they want they can be happy. However, many claimed that they aren't really happy when they got all the money they wanted. Besides that, your possession here on earth will not follow you when you die. So is wealth the key to one's satisfaction?

  • Sexual Pleasures

The following statements is shared by one Uni student on one of J.D. Greear's sermon saying:

As I enter the university life, I found myself indulging in sex more and more but enjoying it less and less.

Indulging in Pornography, Masturbation, Sexual engagement does not result in a satisfaction that last for long. People are trapped here because they are addicted yet they find themselves enjoying less and less. Is this the key to life's happiness?

  • Positions, Recognition, Authority

How long can a person stay in charge or have authority over something? Don't a person worry? Don't enemies emerge? Don't the worries of losing a position freak someone out? You get recognize for a moment but soon be forgotten. Does all these satisfy you?

There are many more, but somehow, there's just always an emptiness that is in us when we run after this things. Even King David, one of the greatest King of Israel, who possessed everything we wanted, wealth, women, authority and so much more said that everything is meaningless. look,

Eccl 12:7 and the dust returns to the ground it came from,
       and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

Eccl 12:8 "Meaningless! Meaningless!" says the Teacher. [a]
       "Everything is meaningless!"

So why is there this emptiness in us? I believe it's telling us that we don't really belong to all these. Besides that, look at what God said,

13 "My people have committed two sins:

  They have

forsaken me,

the spring of living water


have dug their own cisterns,

broken cisterns that cannot

hold water.


Whenever we search for pleasures that doesn't come from God, we are like digging up our own broken cisterns that can hold no water, and

we are trying to quench our thirst in this broken cisterns by licking on it and getting our tongue cut, bruised and bleed.

Besides that,

when we ignore God, we're ignoring the Spring of Living Water that can quench our thirst.

So how do you expect us to be satisfied if we keep on seeking and digging our own broken cisterns and not turn to God?

It's a choice for you: